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Whether it's caused by genetics, hormones, or other factors, hair loss is a common and distressing problem for a large number of men and women. Many individuals consider their hair to be a key part of their appearance and overall identity so it's understandable why thinning hair or bald spots may affect their self-confidence. At Pure Skin Dermatology & Aesthetics, we're thrilled to offer a groundbreaking treatment for hair loss: TED by Alma. This innovative, nonsurgical hair restoration treatment uses air pressure and ultrasound waves to allow for enhanced penetration of topical treatments. Combined with Alma's TED+ Hair Care Formula, this treatment delivers essential nourishment deep into the scalp, revitalizing your follicles to promote fuller, thicker growth. If you're looking for nonsurgical hair loss solutions in the Orlando, FL area, TED treatments at Pure Skin Dermatology & Aesthetics may be the answer. Schedule your consultation with our team to learn more.

TED Hair Restoration at Pure Skin Dermatology & Aesthetics is completely noninvasive: meaning no needles, no transplants, and no incisions. During your consultation, we'll discuss the factors that might be contributing to your hair loss, including your family history, any medications you're taking, and your lifestyle. From there, we'll map out the treatment areas and prepare them by using the TED applicator to gently massage the skin. After applying the TED+ Hair Care Formula to your scalp, we'll use the TED applicator again to drive the formula directly to the hair follicle. TED is safe and effective on different hair types. The process is comfortable and takes about 20 – 30 minutes per session. When we're done, you can immediately get back to your day. Every person's situation is different, but most patients start seeing optimal results after three treatments spaced about one month apart.

If you're one of the millions of people suffering from thinning hair, you probably know the stress and embarrassment that hair loss can bring. TED hair treatments at Pure Skin Dermatology & Aesthetics can slow or even reverse this process with benefits that include:

  • Stronger, fuller, healthier hair
  • No needles, incisions, or pain
  • Sessions are quick and convenient
  • No downtime for recovery
  • Less hair shedding

I started seeing Dr. Grayman in March for my hair and alopecia. In the last several months my skin has cleared and my hair is filling in. I'm very happy with the care I've received and her staff is great never once have I felt rushed. She is a direct communicator which I love. I specially sought out an African America dermatologist and she is more than worth the wait. I have had to wait in office once or twice but I wait anytime I go to the Dr. It happens. Patience and kindness goes a long way.

P.P. Google

Dr. Grayman is amazing. She takes great care of my skin for laser and always ask about my pain level. Also takes an active interest in my personal life as well, great conversationalist!

A.G. Google

Dr. Grayman is always on time, kind and professional. I have been going to her for years and highly recommended her.

L.B. Google

Dr Grayman is great! She listens and is concerned with your health even more than just your skin. You can tell she is a very caring doctor. Highly recommend her!

S.E. Google

Dr.Grayman and her staff is wonderful! Always organized and professional. Dr. Grayman exceed far and beyond in her knowledge of hair and skin care.

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No matter the cause, hair loss can have a major impact on your self-image and identity. Hair restoration treatments tend to be more effective when they're applied in the early stages of hair loss so if you're noticing that your hair is thinning, we invite you to contact Pure Skin Dermatology & Aesthetics in Orlando, FL to learn more about TED hair restoration. Our team will perform a thorough exam before developing a treatment plan designed to leave you with a thicker, healthier head of hair.

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